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Tony and Dane Sonichu by Rennon-the-Shaved
Tony and Dane Sonichu
Tony Sonichu and Dane Sonichu are two corrupted sonichus from the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens. They get all of the sexy Rosechus they want, such as Bubbles and Silvana. Their favorite game is Kick the Autistic and they love Laughs Under Lucricities.

In real life, Tony and Dane are part of the Corrupted Gaming Show channel on YouTube. They did an absolutely hilarious series of Let's Reads on Sonichu. Their rambling, often incoherent commentary makes the video series an extraordinary fun watch.
Since another anniversary has come and gone for the comic, it's time to pick the top ten comics for year six (December 16, 2013-December 15, 2014).

10- #405: The floor is made of lava
This year didn't have a lot of Rennon and Mel, and being that they're the first couple from the comic, it makes sense to feature them in a goofy scenario. Who didn't play 'the floor is made of lava' as a kid? Yet somehow this turns bad for Mel and she has to reenact Anakin's fate from Revenge of the Sith. Don't worry, she gets better.

9- #384: Teeraal's new face
Yet another twist during the wedding story arc that dominated much of this past year, showing Teeraal destroying the city with Gynette's face on his body was a really cool idea. It kicked the story arc into high gear again as it ushered in the biggest part of the story yet.

8- #402: Singing Ally
This is just a cute one featuring everyone's favorite cat/fox getting caught singing Lady Gaga.

7- #387: Special mutagen
Isn't it wonderful that Gynette had Doctor Shatterfoot plan ahead just in case something like this happened? This one features the last appearance of the Komodo Ballerina in her regular form and has fun with her serious drinking problem. After this, I unleashed some kaiju action in the comic.

6- #363: Gag gifts
Quinston and Danielle have now become one of my favorite couples in the comic, as evidenced by the latest story arc with them getting engaged. Before that, they were the best of friends and any thought of romance resulted in awkwardness. Having them exchange ironic gag gifts was really funny and Stacy's exclamation at the end is really cute. Perhaps she knew something we didn't?

5- #381: Teeraal's triumph
This one set the stage for Teeraal's penultimate appearance in the comic and all the chaos that ensued after that. With Gynette captured by the forces of Hell and her father on the brink of ultimate victory, who knew what fate had in store for Stubble Trouble world?

4- #392: Friendly fire
We couldn't do a top ten of the year without including a bald furry joke here, now could we? Rosie's hair curse strikes again, this time in the form of a kaiju's radioactive breath.

3- #389: Kaiju clash
What could be better than seeing two giant monsters go head to head for the fate of the world? Doctor Shatterfoot's incompetence here just makes a perfect punchline.

2- #406: Midget submarines
This hilarious joke plays with political correctness with regard to historical terms. Becky's retort is perfect. I also love the way she looks here with her shaven fur and grown-out hair.

1- #396: Teeraal's end
Here we have Gynette's "Crowning Moment of Awesome" as she finally defeats her demonic father when all other efforts have failed. The culmination to this multi-year story arc finally reaches its conclusion with, what else, a bang. Getting to the end of the wedding arc and finally resolving the arc about Gynette's demon parents was incredibly satisfying to me as a writer.
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R. C. Powell
United States
Furry with a shaving fetish
Creator of the webcomic "Stubble Trouble"
Aspiring filmmaker
Movie buff
Owned pet rats
All-around weird guy

Current Residence: somewhere in northwest Ohio, Divided Socialist States of America
Favourite genre of music: Classical orchestra, oldies, upbeat country, rock and roll, disco
Favourite style of art: furry and anthro
Operating System: Windows 3.1
Shell of choice: Turtle
Skin of choice: My own epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Bender (Fututama)
Personal Quote: I support the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments. I suppose that makes me an extremist!

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